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           Shay By Nes



Thanks to our experience over 30 years and know-how in textile sector, with our own exclusive producers, we proudly export 100% “Made in Turkey” products of divers categories to all over the world. We work on private label basis. Through our automated computer system based on critical path management, exceptional diversity on stock yarns and raw material, we can comfortably reply your premium and special demands in a short period of time. By design studies made by proactive and talented designers following and foreseeing the trends and choices, not only we simplify your business processes, but also we go ahead of time. By using a wide range of raw materials and nano-technology finishing options, we strengthen the attraction of products and create added value.


Our partner DEEP FASHION design studio presents ideas - specific to your brand - via CADs and sketches through refined synthesis of market and fashion trends with your own ideas and inspirations. Two times a year, we present tasteful petty collections that emphasize and illuminate upcoming tendencies. Research and development studies are pursued by our professional technicians and are proposed quickly to our customers in line with your commercial needs. We also pay regular visits to our customers to inform on the new developments.


Stylists – who are well-trained in pattern-making and industrial compliance – follow the whole process of sample production from beginning to the end. Raw material tests, measurement adjustments, pattern studies, wear test, stretch tests and grading are made meticulously using latest technology equipment, where applicable.


Nesteks organizes the manufacturing to its own exclusive producers in Turkey. They are equipped with most up-to-date technology to offer best options with competitive prices.


One of the foremost components of textile sourcing is customer-centric merchandising. Our team strictly adheres to 24h-Rule for replying customers. All processes starting from design to order phases are followed by commercial merchandising team, once an order is confirmed; production merchandising team takes over the responsibility till the shipment of goods. Customers are given feedbacks on a weekly basis via e-mails, miscellaneous documents and/or critical paths, whichever applicable.


Professional Quality Team ensures correct business flow, right production criteria and on-time shipments following both international and your quality standards. Approved/master sample and production conformity, production compliance, metal detection and broken needle policies are carefully implemented. In-line and final quality control processes are applied in accordance with AQL requirements or with customer-specific standards.

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