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           Shay By Nes

Deep Fashion's fully integrated manufacturing process demonstrates our commitment to quality from beginning to end.

With our subcontracted fully integrated manufacture , we are able to produce up to 1.000.000 towels and 75.000 bathrobes a month .


  •  10.000 m² closed area for spinning

  •  10.000 m² closed area for weaving and knitting

  •  5.000 m² closed area for dyeing

  •  15.000 m² closed area for confection. 


    The facility performs production of;


  • Cotton Yarns,

  • Cotton / Cotton Polyester Terry Fabric,

  • Yarn Dyed Cotton / Cotton Polyester Terry Fabric,

  • Pique Fabric,

  • Waffle Pique,

  • Knitted Fabric,

  • Woven Fabrics,

  • Terry and Polyester Velvet Fabric,

  • Viscose / Bamboo Fabric,

  • Terry Fabrics With EMBROIDERY

  • Non-Terry Weaving,


as semi-products.


Every step of the production process is done in-house.

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