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           Shay By Nes



Knitwear production, especially in Europe for all brands over the world to be a convenient and reliable solution partner .




To produce optimal solutions and to add value to their customers' business activities In all production processes to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Contemporary management style, vision, scientific approach and work with the R & D of next-generation technologies, methods and trends to make it possible, in this way for customers high added value and create quality products. Basically, based on mutual trust and sense of justice without compromising the basic management principle, also competitive price with best quality and fast service to provide accompaniment.


 MONTHLY CAPACITY : 120.000. pcs. inside - 100.000.pcs. outside 




The services we offer you are based on three steps


 Step 1


   1-)  Finding the material

   2-)  Finding the accessories 

   3-)  Assigning the suppliers

   4-)  Developing new samples if required

         - preparing the collections based on the fitting samples

         - presentation of the collections

   5-)  Quick production of counter samples

   6-)  Assuring the contact of the buyers and/or the stylist for discussing on the counter samples

   7-)  Assuring the modifications according the comments destinated to suppliers

   8-)  Realisation of the size set , informing on sending the size set



 Step 2


   1-)  Preventing your rivals having the same models of yours

   2-)  Receiving the orders

   3-)  Translation and explanation of working process of your company to suppliers. 

   4-)  Follow up the orders of tissue, accessories, etc..

   5-)  Follow up LC-Amendment, etc

   6-)  Checking the quality of tissue

   7-)  Controle size set

          - measurements, fitting, quality look, labels , etc…

   8-)  Controlling the suppliers at the beginning, during and at the end of the production process.

   9-)  Controlling the packagings

          - dimensions of the boxes

          - quality of the boxes

          - external labelling (hangtag, etc…)

   10-)  Informing the buyers regarding the state of the orders.

   11-)  Informing the buyers regarding the deadlines of the orders.


  Step 3


   1-)  Controlling suppliers packing list

   2-)  Advicing the buyer the details of the shipment

   3-)  Advicing the buyer details of the sent documents

   4-)  Advicing the buyer  departure date of the truck and the truck plate...


Please contact us for further information ...

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