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           Shay By Nes


 We have a very sophisticated, professional team working constantly, focusing on customers demands and expectations with an innovative approach.

       Using the latest technology  we have 250.000 units ( Formal and casual )  monthly capacity .

       We are equipped with the most up-to-date technology to offer the best options with good and advantageous price , and we do our best to keep production lead time very short.

       We have separate  design department for shirt with molding room ( Asist 13.0 v ) that presents ideas - specific to your brand - via CADs and sketches through refined synthesis of market and fashion

trends with your own ideas and inspirations. We have very good connections with fabric producers and regularly updated with new collections .

       Using this advantage we are able to make around 400 different samples every month to give our customers a best collection possible .

            To give our customers a personalized service , we have divided our production to 3 lines 


          1-     Small quantities which is 1 role of fabric , MOQ of 150-200  ( only from stock fabrics )

          2-     500-600 per C/S

          3-     10.000 and over quantities per C/S


       Our quality control staff performs all necessary quality check procedures at every step of production (both during production and post production) to maintain finished products of explicit quality...


       Please contact us for further information ...


       Thank you 

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